My fondest memories growing up are of family roadtrips, piled in the back of our van heading to visit family in Oregon or to trek the Grand Canyon - I think that's about the same time the travel bug bit me. Since then, I've taken every chance I could get to travel somewhere new. And when I couldn't travel, I was either reading about it or watching it on TV (Samantha Brown's show was 12 year old me's favorite).


It wasn't until I graduated college in 2015 that I traveled outside of the US. Fast-forward a few years: 14 countries, 3 continents, and 7 months in Australia, I can't stop! The pages in my passport are filling up, as is my thirst for more places.


For me, travel isn't just about checking a place off my "list" or snagging the perfect photo for Instagram - it's about the connection I feel deep down when I'm somewhere completely new, experiencing a different culture, sight, taste or smell. It's about the sense of accomplishment I feel from conquering a fear, or proving myself wrong. It's about giving just as much as I take from a place, and discovering that even through our differences, deep down we're not so different after all.

I started this blog to keep track of my travels and to share my experiences with others, in hopes that I can inspire others to travel, explore, and get lost.