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How to use Google Flights like a pro

As a self-diagnosed travel addict, I personally know how difficult it is to be patient when planning where you'll jet off to next. While spontaneity is great (like yes, of course, I should book this flight to New Zealand right now because I suddenly have the urge to go), when it comes to booking flights, spontaneity can end up costing you the big bucks $$$. Luckily, those geniuses over at Google have the perfect solution - enter: Google Flights.

Google Flights scans the internet, combining airline ticket prices in one convenient place. It's is packed with features that make finding the best-priced plane ticket easy, here are some ways to get the most out of Google Flights:

Find the cheapest tickets and TRAVEL dates

The most basic feature of Google Flights is the calendar. Enter your departing airport (you can even enter multiple nearby airports - for example, I sometimes put in LAX and Burbank), your destination, and the dates.

Once in calendar view, the cheapest prices per day will be in green - select the day you'd like to view and the best flights (i.e. best price for a nonstop, shortest flights) will be compiled at the top. You can also choose to organize it by your priority - from airline, duration, to the number of stops.

Outside of the basic calendar search are the Flexible Dates and Price Graph views, which allow you to see when the flight prices are lowest.

Once you select your flights, Google will also show helpful details like average legroom and onboard amenities like wifi and on-demand TV.

Just want to get out aND go anywhere?

The Everywhere feature is my favorite for those days I spend daydreaming of jetting off to the next place. But it can be really helpful if you have some vacation days you aren't sure where to spend yet - simply put in your departing airport and some dates - the map will show the lowest prices based on locations.

Here's the best part: the Everywhere feature also lets you narrow down your search with some specifics, from how many stops on your flight, to destination interests like food or adventure, and more.

Track flight prices

Similar to apps like Hopper (which is pretty great, by the way), the tracker sends you notifications when the ticket prices are increasing or dropping, allowing you to book at the perfect time. Just enter your destination and dates, sit back, and be patient.

Thanks to Google Flights, you can spend that extra cash (and spontaneity) once you've arrived at your destination. Happy booking, friends!

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